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Hjelmås – Clay Brick Factory

30 minutes drive north of Bergen there is a place called Hjelmås. What many do not know, is that 150 years ago, this place had a big Clay Brick factory producing as many as 3 million bricks per year at its peak. During diving in the area in 2015, there where found clear indications of industrial activities in the area. A map from 1867 showed a factory for clay bricks marked in the area.

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Marder One man Submarines

In the mid 70’s a one man submarine was pulled up in a fishingnet. The navy disposed of it in deep waters. In the late 1980’s, midget subs where found in Fanafjorden, south of Bergen, Norway by divers. These where re found by Norwegian Navy Disposal Divers in 2013. In 2015 and 2016, several divers and groups searched and found the sub’s. Fjordexplorers searched unsuccessfully in Jan 2016, but did one year later successfully dive and documented the subs.

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Frigate “Washington”

In Lloyds List – The Marine List from 14 May 1802, a ship is listed as lost on the coast of Norway. “The Washington, Aars, from Calcutta, (left from the Isles of France) to Copenhagen, is lost on the Coast of Norway. Part of the Cargo will be saved”. The ship was not to be found in any wreck register or lists and a search for its history started.

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