Bark "Odd"/"DELTA"

The Designer

The ship “Odd” which was a Bark type ship, was designed in 1890 by Lars Randulf Hansen. Mr. Hansen was originally from Bergen where he had worked at Brunchorst & Dekkes, under Master Ananias Dekke. The ship was built at Fevigs Jernskibsbyggeri in 1891 and launched May 1891 as the shipyards first vessel and had a cost of 280 000 Norwegian kroner.

The Ship

The ship was a tree masted Bark of steel. It was registered at DnV as 1091 brt, 208.8 feet long, 33.9 feet wide, and 20.3 feet deep with a draught of 16.9 feet. DnV classed here as 1 A1 and she was given the call signal HTFB, registered in Tvedestrand. It changed owners and captains several times and name to Imacos in 1911 and to Delta in 1913. It was lastly owned by Bark Delta A/S in 1920 and the captain was Ansgard Pedersen.

The Accident

Delta had 26 October 1920 been in Gothenburg, Sweden and picked up Russian wood boards and was on its way to Port Natal (Durban), South Africa. It was trapped by a hurricane just outside of the Faeroe island and went back and forth to avoid the storm fro weeks. On the 13th November they decided to head back to Norway, and about 21:00 in the evening they got close to Ospa. They tried to anchor, but the ship got loose and drifted north of Aralden and foundered onto Kvitingane.

The Salvage

The ship is saved by Norsk Bergingskompani case 441/20-Bark “Delta” foundered 14/11. It was moved into Hindøen and later moved to Hjelmåsvågen in Osterfjorden, north of Bergen. The hull was “so destroyed that repair could not be done”. Sea court is set 22 & 26 Feb 1921 at Hjelmås, and concludes with a value for the cargo of 116 150 Norwegian kroner. Ivar Geelmuyden in selling the cargo and salvage whats left of the ship. Locally in Hjelmås, the wood from this ship was used for several buildings.

The Remains

The remains of the wreck was visited by Fjordexplorers in May 2016. The remains where documented by film. Measurements where made and the whole wreck was explored. There are still items of interest on the ship and in the surroundings. Its a sight swimming over 65 meters of perfectly hand clinkered plates and beams.


There are some artifacts saved from the ship. Ship bell, some line baggs and more significantly the figurehead that most likely is of ODD.


Delta Site

FjordExplorers visited the site and shot this video May 2016.

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Exact location: Hjelmås in Lindås, just north of Bergen, West of Langholmen on 6 meters

Need to use boat or scooter

Paper in Norwegian on Steel Bark "Odd" / "Delta" found at Hjelmåsvågen, Nordhordland 2016. Download the document here. Download (1.93 MB) Wiggo Eriksen