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Citizen Science
Wiggo Eriksen

The Importance of Community Research In Professional Archeology

This article is about how the public can help professional archeologists learn more about their sites. Community research has become increasingly important in recent decades as additional sites are being discovered and dated, but we are still not sure how

17th Century
Wiggo Eriksen

HMS Gloucester 1682

The wreck of a British royal warship that sank 340 years ago has been discovered by amateur divers. The discovery of HMS Gloucester off the Norfolk coast has been hailed as the largest marine find since the discovery of the

19th Century
Wiggo Eriksen

Steelbark “Delta” (Odd)

Delta had 26 October 1920 been in Gothenburg, Sweden and picked up Russian wood boards and was on its way to Port Natal (Durban), South Africa. It was trapped by a hurricane just outside of the Faeroe island and went

Citizen Science
Wiggo Eriksen

MARITIME ARCHAEOLOGY: a new dimension in archaeological work

Maritime archaeology is a study of not only the material evidence, but it is also including the social, politic and economy aspects of human activities on the sea and inlands waterways. Some says it is Nautical Archaeology, Marine Archaeology or

20th Century
Wiggo Eriksen

RUBIS French minelaying submarine

RUBIS, a Saphir-class minelaying submarine based in Dundee, Scotland when France capitulated to Germany’s forces, chose not to return home. This was the start of “Operation Catapult” Winston Churchill’s plan to keep French warships out of German hands that resulted

Danish Bible 1500 - Christian 2
15th Century
Wiggo Eriksen

Christian II’s expedition to Norway 1531

Prehistory Christian II (1481-1559) ruled Denmark and Norway from 1513 to 1523 as well as Sweden for some of that time, from 1520 to 1521. In Sweden, Christian II is best known for the Stockholm Massacre of November 1520. Immediately

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Citizen Science
Wiggo Eriksen

What Can Be Done About Looters Of Historic Shipwrecks?

Shipwreck looting is an increasing problem for both archaeologists and treasure hunters alike. With more and more of the world’s historic shipwrecks becoming sites for looting, UNESCO have set of guidelines just for preserving archeological resources from systematic plunder. Find

18th Century
Wiggo Eriksen

Frigate “Washington”

In Lloyds List – The Marine List from 14 May 1802, a ship is listed as lost on the coast of Norway. “The Washington, Aars, from Calcutta, (left from the Isles of France) to Copenhagen, is lost on the Coast

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Citizen Science
Wiggo Eriksen

Citizen Science: What Is It And Why Should You Participate?

Citizen science has become a popular term that you are probably hear more and more in the future. In this article, we breakdown what citizen science is and why it’s important for people to participate.

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