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18th Century
Wiggo Eriksen

Frigate “Washington”

In Lloyds List – The Marine List from 14 May 1802, a ship is listed as lost on the coast of Norway. “The Washington, Aars, from Calcutta, (left from the Isles of France) to Copenhagen, is lost on the Coast

Computer and technology class for senior citizens
Citizen Science
Wiggo Eriksen

Citizen Science: What Is It And Why Should You Participate?

Citizen science has become a popular term that you are probably hear more and more in the future. In this article, we breakdown what citizen science is and why it’s important for people to participate.

20th Century
Wiggo Eriksen

Marder One man Submarines

In the mid 70’s a one man submarine was pulled up in a fishingnet. The navy disposed of it in deep waters. In the late 1980’s, midget subs where found in Fanafjorden, south of Bergen, Norway by divers. These where

20th Century
Wiggo Eriksen

S/S Sverre Sigurdssøn 1940

On 09 June the French submarine RUBIS, a Saphire class sub, launched mines in Hjeltefjorden that caused the ship Sverre Sigurdssøn to sink at approx. 1815 on 10 June 1940.

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