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Research, Explore, Document, Protect and Support Conservation

of submerged cultural resources. Particular focus is given to local Maritime history and resources.

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Explore means to us to go out and actively search for evidence of man made objects in submerged sites and sometimes on land. Depths can range from 1 to 100+ meters. In Sisu exploring, meaning "do not disturb", is our policy and practiced as much as possible.


Research involves seeking out and extracting evidence from original archival records. This type of research is more complex and time-consuming than library and internet research, presenting challenges in identifying, locating and interpreting relevant documents.


Document all activities we do is important, not just to ourself but also for sharing purposes. We write reports, make schetches, and take pictures and we do use video for visual documentation as much as possible.


We need to protect all cultural artifacts from being removed from sites and wrecks. Sites and wrecks are a non-renewable resource; that is, once they are destroyed, the information they contained is lost forever.

Gains from Community-driven research?

Are there anything to learn from recent public nautical research and Communit-driven Research?

Protect our Heritage

We Create Unique Campaigns To support marine archeology

We conduct campaigns and also training for pre qualified people that are passionat about Protecting our common heritage

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